The Magic m7b5 

Learn the Art of the Shapeshifting with these amazing insights into the m7b5 chord. Enter new tonal realities by altering just one simple shape.

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Dark Modal Soloing Secrets

Expand and enhance your soloing capabilities over modal vamps with this Secret Chord Tone Substitution method.


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Creative Altered Dominant Concepts

Explore an advanced way to navigate specific Altered Dominant Chords. Unlock the mysteries of Lydian b7 Soloing by using 4 Easy Arpeggios.  

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Ultimate Mastery Card System 

Get All 97 Chords with matching Scales and Arpeggios! The most effective and organized way to learn the musical language on the guitar neck. Start your journey toward total harmonic freedom today with the Ultimate Mastery Card System 
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Get Started in the Quickest Way Possible and Begin advancing your Chord Scale Arpeggio Journey Here! 

In this mini course, you get 14 of the most common chord voicings with matching scales and arpeggios that can be used immediately in any style of music. Jazz, Rock, Blues - You name it. This is the course to get you in the door with Soloing, Writing, Creating, Lead Sheets, Studio Work, Gigs etc. Never again will you wonder what to play. Included are 14 Chords, 2 extra bonus altered chords with scales and arpeggios, tricks and tips in the Secret Association sections as well as 17 backing tracks and a Jazz Standard Section. Start Now!

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The Journey to Harmonic Freedom (Part I)

The Journey to Harmonic Freedom (Part II)

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