Why Guitar Focus?

Aug 27, 2021


So…how can the Programs at Guitarfocus.com help YOU with your guitar playing career? You might be wondering, “is this site right for me?” or “how is this site different from all the other sites on the web?” These are fair and necessary questions and I hope to answer them in the next two minutes.

First of all, this site is really tailored for people who are interested in diving deep into the mysteries of music and how these mysteries are revealed in subtle ways across the entire guitar neck.

The material on this site is specifically for the practicing guitarist whether an aspiring student or an already  advanced professional. Players of all levels will benefit from the course material presented here, but the emphasis is on the complete harmonic realization of the entire guitar neck. This being said, the only real prerequisite is the ability to focus and the burning drive to gain a more complete musical vocabulary.

What is the purpose of solving the puzzles of this multidimensional fretboard and winding through it’s many mazes? The answer is simple…FREEDOM! With added vocabulary and a thorough understanding of the guitar’s harmonic layout, you will be free to express any musical ideal in more fluent and articulate ways.

Every great musician that has ever existed throughout history learned to become a world class communicator on their instrument. They had to become free with their voice and their inner connection with their instrument. They had to become fluent using their own voice to reach the remarkable levels of human expression that inspired us to embark on our own musical journey. If this journey sounds familiar to you, then you’re in the right place. Get ready for the ride of your life and get ready for freedom.


Learn the Dark Secret Art of Modal Soloing starting with four basic arpeggios. Unlock new worlds with these secrets and instantly improve your solos.

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